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In Bulgaria and other former Eastern Bloc countries, the active ingredient cytisine has been used for smoking cessation since 1964 under the brand name Tabex®. A recent study now examined the drug for the first time according to western test standards and certifies good efficacy.
Cytisine is a toxic alkaloid that is found, among other things, in the ornamental shrub common laburnum (Laburnum anagyroides syn. Cytisus laburnum). The plants protect themselves from predators with this toxin. In humans, cytisine acts as a partial nicotine agonist and occupies the same nicotine receptors in the brain as the patented drug varenicline, which has been available since 2006 in the USA under the name Chantix® and in Europe as Champix® for tobacco cessation. 
The effect of Tabex® is comparable to that of Champix®. Tabex® is purely herbal, whereas Champix® was extracted from cystine in the laboratory and is therefore artificial. Champix® has been critically discussed in the media about side effects such as suicidal tendencies, heart and circulatory problems, impaired ability to drive, etc. This is not the case with Tabex®. This is not the case with Tabex®. Other considerable differences are the price and the duration of treatment.
If you want to quit smoking, Tabex is a very good choice. There are numerous studies that show that Tabex Cytisus laburnum is very suitable for quitting and that far fewer treatments are discontinued than with other stop-smoking preparations. 
With us you can order Tabex online and cheap, especially fast, so that you can start the treatment. If you want to know more about Tabex, click on our Tabex products below. 
Tabex contains Cytisin, which was also sold in the GDR and has been shown to be very effective in numerous studies. 
The Champix® cure costs about € 330 and is to be taken for 12 weeks, whereas weaning off with Tabex® is a lot cheaper and only takes 25 days. That is a saving of about € 300.
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