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Tabex: Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Tabex - What is Tabex ?
Tabex is a dietary supplement that can help to quit smoking. Tabex contains the active ingredient cytisine, isolated from the plant Cytisus Laburnum - acacia "common laburnum". Cytisine is a secondary plant substance of laburnum and belongs to the group of quinolizidine alkaloids. Its effect is similar to that of nicotine, as both substances interact with the same receptors in the brain.
Tabex has proven to be particularly useful as a smoking cessation agent to quit smoking. Pharmaceutical experts also say that Tabex is the aspirin to fight smoking. The effectiveness of Cytisin ( Cytisus laburnum ), the main ingredient of Tabex, has also been published and proven on dozens of scientific journals.
It is important to know that Tabex blocks the binding of nicotine to certain receptors and thus does not cause unpleasant sensations and discomfort when quitting nicotine addiction and cigarettes.
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