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2 Tabex - 200 Tablets

2 Tabex - 200 Tablets
2 Tabex - 200 Tablets 2 Tabex - 200 Tablets 2 Tabex - 200 Tablets 2 Tabex - 200 Tablets
Brand: Sopharma
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2 Tabex - 200 Tablets

2 Tabex - 200 Tablets



STOP smoking with TABEX - it's easy!


Quit smoking! Stop smoking with Tabex!


Tabex is an original Bulgarian preparation of plant origin, intended for the treatment of tobacco smoking. The preparation is developed on the basis of the alkaloid Cytisine, contained in the plant Cytisus laborinum L. (Golden Rain acacia).


Cytisine possesses a structure and mechanism of action that are similar to those of nicotine, but it has much lower toxicity.



In the human body, Cytisine plays the role of nicotine substitution substance, and reduces the period of interaction of the received nicotine with relevant nicotine receptors, i.e. the specific substance cytisine "substitutes" nicotine, acting on the same receptors, thus preventing the appearance of abstinence syndrome. This results in a gradual reduction and suspension of the psychic and physical dependency to nicotine in smokers.

Quit smoking! Stop smoking with Tabex!


The broad clinical studies carried out, show that the therapy with the preparation Tabex results in giving up smoking in more than 87% of the patients.

Quit smoking! Stop smoking with Tabex!


Tabex manifests one of the best results to date for the group of preparations, intended for tobacco smoking therapy.



Tabex is very well tolerated, and when applied in therapeutic doses, allows a gradual giving up of smoking without any side effects.



The total giving up of smoking should take place not later than the fifth day after the beginning of the therapy.



Recommended therapeutic scheme

Day of Treatment

Intake Intervals

Total Daily Tablets




Day 1 to 3

1 tablet every 2 hours

6 tablets daily

Day 4 to 12

1 tablet every 2.5 hours

5 tablets daily

Day 13 to 16

1 tablet every 3 hours

5 tablets daily

Day 17 to 20

1 tablet every 4 hours

3 tablets daily

Day 21 to 25

1 tablet every 6 hours

2 tablets daily

Tabex® is an effective product for treatment of nicotine dependence in case of serious
desire for smoking cessation.



Tabex® is an original Bulgarian product,
trademark of Sopharma JSCo. Cytisine is
the active substance of the medicinal
product - an alkaloid contained in the plant
leguminous tree (Cytisus laburnum L).
Cytisine has structure and mechanism of
action similar to those of nicotine and
decreases its period of interaction with the
specific receptors. Thus, it prevents the
appearance of abstinence syndrome. The

result is gradual decrease of the typical smokers' psychic and physical nicotine
dependence and subsequent smoking cessation without undesirable effects.

One film-coated tablet Tabex contains 1.5 mg cytisine.

Tabex has an excellent safety profile:

 Tabex® has very good tolerance and in therapeutic doses it does not cause anorexia, nausea and vomiting.

 It does not affect the active drivers' attention and machine operating

 It is not recommended only in high level hypertension, advanced atherosclerosis,
pregnancy and breast-feeding
























Contraindications: Tabex is contraindicated in arterial hypertension and advanced atherosclerosis.

Warning: The clinical studies with Tabex show that the Bulgarian drug is effective and well tolerated. The adverse effects are insignificant in case of adequate treatment according to the schedule and do not necessitate reduction of the dose and shortening the duration of the treatment. The physicians should warn the patients that the simultaneous administration of the drug and smoking could lead to aggravated adverse effects of nicotine (nicotine intoxication). The drug should be used in all cases when the patient has a hones and firm intention to give up smoking.

There is not sufficient clinical experience with Tabex administration to patients with ischemic heart disease, cardiac impairment, cerebrovascular diseases, obliterating arterial diseases, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, renal and hepatic insufficiency. The use of the drug of these categories of patients should be performed only after the potential benefit has been weighed against the possible risks.

Pregnancy and lactation: The intraovular application of Cytisine substance to hen embryos induced no embriotoxic and teratogenic effect within the limits of the single therapeutic doses. Higher doses of the drug lead to embryotoxic action. On the base of the experimental data obtained, Tabex is recommended (with Cytisine as the basic component) not to be taken by pregnant women, due to the potential risk of embryotoxic action in case of uncontrolled administration. The drug should not be administered during breast feeding.

Effect of the drug on drivers and machine operators: Tabex is considered safe and induces no changes in the physchophysical status, driving ability and machine operation.

Drug interactions: No data is available on undesired interactions between Tabex and other pharmaceuticals.

Overdose: Symptoms of nicotine intoxication are observed in Tabex overdose. The toxic effects are manifested in nausea, vomiting, pupil dilation, tachycardia, general weakness, clonic convulsions, paralysis of respiration. The communications of overdose with the drug are scarce. Lavage of the stomach, monitoring of respiration, arterial pressure and heart rate are initiated as in all cases of overdose. Infusion, reanimation is undertaken with saline and glucose solutions, anticonvulsants, cardiotonics, analeptics, etc. symptomatic agents.

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